Please help! Super Admin unable to create new collection

System Information
  • v3.6.8:
  • Hosted on Heroku:
  • Database:
  • 12.x:

I have deployed strapi on Heroku and started updating content.

I’m unable to create new categories as super admin, I’m sure it’s some setting somewhere, don’t know what’s wrong. I’m unable to see “Create new Collection”’

Edit: I mean collection, not category. New collection type

Oh, and I’m unable to change super admin controls here as well.

If this is in a production environment (like deployed) you can’t create Content-Types
If you run this locally on your machine in development yarn develop or npm run develop you can do so.

Is it possible to make it such that it is editable in production as well?

You would have to to run it in development mode. Which is not advised ?
You can run it locally build what you need and then build to production and deploy to a server ? :slight_smile:

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We answer this (very common) question in our FAQ: Troubleshooting - Strapi Developer Documentation