Plugin migration guide for v4 is live! 🧩

Hello everyone! :wave:

This week we’re super happy to release the official Plugin migration guide. This is a first step towards helping you transition from Strapi v3 to v4. Other migration guides, for the code and data migration, will be released in March, so stay tuned! :rocket:

And as always, your feedback is much appreciated :hugs:


Thank you for this @piwi and the Strapi team! :smiley:


Still waiting for the guide to migrate from v3 to v4! No details here: Migrate Guides - Strapi Developer Documentation

Do you have any updates on when in March the guides for the update will be released?

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Pretty soon! :slight_smile:

@fluenter01 There you go:

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Hello, where can I found how to update from 4.0.7 to 4.1.5?
Thanks a lot!!

@Tanny.nogales ere is doc for update: Update Strapi version - Strapi Developer Docs

Thanks a lot!!
But that page explain how to update to 4.0.7.
How can I update to 4.1.5??

Just alter every package version from 4.0.7 to 4.1.5, then reinstall package;
npm install or yarn, then it will update to 4.1.5