Plugins onboarding

Hello, greetings.

I just installed my first plugin for strapi: strapi-plugin-netlify-deployments. After installing with yarn, and doing yarn run develop, I was in the admin panel of strapi, with the new “Netlify Deployments” item on the sidebar.

After clicking on “Netlify Deployments” a never ending spinner appears on the right, along with a console error message on visual studio:

After some searching and trying, and discovered that I was missing the config/plugings.js file, along with the netlify configuration:

The provided information/configuration is using dummy values, but at least this time, something shows up on the admin:

Having me to discover what was going wrong was not the best user experience.
A much better apporach would had been If I got some feedback about what was I missing, instead of the never ending-spinner, and the error on the terminal.

Something like this:

I understand that plugins not created by Strapi are outside of your scope, but Strapi could define that having some sort of feedback from the plugin, like the one I provided as an example, is a requirement for approval.