Populate repeated media field in dynamic zone component


I have a content_section dynamic zone on the collection type. In there, there’s a gallery component which has a heading and images field. The images field in a repeated media field.

I have the following populate params:
populate: category,weekday,classes,registrations,content_sections
populate[1]: content_sections.image,content_sections.gallery
populate[2]: content_sections.gallery.images

I full: {{host}}/api/activities?filters[slug]=outdoor-athletics&populate=category,weekday,classes,registrations,content_sections&locale=en&populate[1]=content_sections.image,content_sections.gallery&populate[2]=content_sections.gallery.images

I do see the gallery component with the heading but my images field is still not returned. What am I missing? Is this a bug?

I would use the qs lib

this makes sure you have no issues in your populate

Thank you for your reply.

I am using that, but not for this example. Did you try out my example? Are you able to get the images field back?

If you where to use qs for this example that should fix your problem.
atm won’t test it since I would need to setup a project what has all that what I am not going to do right now

Okay clear. I will test it with qs when im back.

However, I try my requests in Postman first, for convenience and I cant get my head around why that would not work and I should just use qs in my project to test it?

It most likely does not work because there is a mistake somewhere in the query and qs makes the querys for you in the correct way