Population conflict - Going down each of the nodes on third level

  • Strapi Version: v4.2.2
  • Node Version: v16.16.0

Hey Community,

I am facing a nasty issue with Strapi for which I am sure there is a solution.

I have three levels: Each category can have multiple partners and each partner can have multiple related_offers. Also, on the partner level as well as on the related partners level, there are media files that need to be populated.

This is what I do:

  1. I populate all the media for the partners
populate[benefits_partners][populate][0] = partnerVisualMain
populate[benefits_partners][populate][1] = partnerVisualSmall
  1. I populate the related_offers for the partners
populate[benefits_partners][populate][4] = related_offers`
  1. I now want to filter and sort within the related_offers, also add the media files on this level
populate[benefits_partners][populate][related_offers][filters][metaMinVersion][$lte] = 313
populate[benefits_partners][populate][related_offers][sort][0] = updatedAt%3Adesc
populate[benefits_partners][populate][related_offers][populate][0] = partnerVisualSmall

The moment I add the parameters of Step 3 to my request, the media from Step 1 is not shown anymore. In general, when I perform any filtering/sorting on the related_offers or populate media on this level, the media from Step 1 is now shown. It seems as if the parameters in Step 3 overwrite those of Step 1.

I think there’s something obvious I don’t get… Any help is very much appreciated! :slight_smile: