POST not create two relations in collection type

System Information
  • Strapi Versionv4.1.12:
  • Operating System: windows 10:
  • Database: mysql
  • Node Version: v16.11.0
  • NPM Version:
  • Yarn Version:

Good day,
I have problems with the GET of my Rest api since it does not return 2 relationships that I have of 3, it only returns one of users but it does not return the others, what can I do?

I send it like this in json format but it does not create games or platform for me

What I can do? to send me those two values, they are also relationships

SOLVED: CREATE of the GAME collection type is enabled, that’s why it didn’t work because you have to enable the CREATE of the FIELD of the relation to which the post is made, I already solved it friend, the problem was the CREATE of the type field itself of game collection since I had to enable this same thing I did not know, I thought that the CREATE of my favorite collection already had all the permissions to use users and the game field but it is not like that, it has to be enabled also in roles and permissions, your own CREATE of the GAME collection type


@pepe_mcbelme how did you add a relationship between the table of contents and the table of users?

Well, so that the user can read the tables that have a relationship, it is enabled with strapi-server.js
In case you don’t get the users-permissions relations, they are enabled with code, is that what you mean?