Preparation from v4 to v5


I’ve seen some hints of a v5 version of Strapi being cooked for 2024 (“v5 will be live by the end of Q2”).

For my company, this news is more worrying than pleasing. We enjoy using strapi since 3.0.0-beta and the v3-to-v4 migration process has been difficult and costy for us (years of custom code to port; has been easier to write an ETL from scratch instead of getting the DB migration scripts to work, etc.), we’re still not 100% done migrating to v4.

Anyway, that’s on us. The point is: end of Q2 2024 will be here very soon, and I haven’t found much resources on the upcoming v5. Were can we find such resources?

The upcoming migration will probably be described as “seamless” if we “just follow the steps”, but it is part of my job to assume it won’t be this easy.
I insist that this isn’t criticism or pessimism; the extend and proportion of our custom code must place us in the minority of Strapi users. Also I’m aware of being a mere free user.

What would help me (and I assume I’m not alone in this case) is maximum transparency regarding the upcoming changes, so it can be better anticipated. So, is there a hub for informations v4-to-v5? If not, what is the appropriate channel?


I’d like to know too what breaking changes there will be