Primary domain redirects to Strapi Nginx Sub-domain


Whenever myself and @ebrimaconta visit the primary domain hosting Apache server (; it redirects to the sub-domain ( that hosts Strapi on Nginx; even though they are located on two separate domains.

This seems to work fine on Google Chrome, but on other browsers, it doesn’t work on Explorer nor Safari nor Firefox on all electronic devices.

Is there any advice on this issue, as we have tried numerous ways to resolve this issue?

We have also cleared the cookies and sessions and this hasn’t resolved the issue either.

Thanks in advance!

Can you provide your Nginx config (strip out any private information)

Thank you.

We just managed to resolve this, it was to do with the DNS.

Kindly close this ticket.

Can’t close :laughing: as these aren’t tickets but glad to hear you got it :slight_smile:

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