Problem in media

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I uploaded images after a while they become like this

Can you check in console.log if they are fetched from the correct URL?

When I open the project in local i find the images but in production i find this

Do the images exist on the Production server?

in production mode exist but after a period they appear so

Hi! Same issue for me. I have deployed following the docker container deployment guide (GitHub - abachuk/azure-demo-strapi: strapi demo deployment to azure + docker) and every now and then the media library gets wiped

Your deployment configuration uses a docker image where your public folder is empty inside it.

In these cases, you should use some third-party providers for storing images, like Cloudinary, aws-s3, google storage.

Use a provider.

The link here does not exist anymore and I am seeing the same issue. Not seeing anywhere in docs or media setting in app where I can set to use our azure storage container. Any update to where to find this info? Thanks!!