Problem occur after git repository transfer from personal to organization

I deployed a project with a git reposity under my personal account . now i transfer this reposity to my organization.
after that, the cloud console says ‘The GitHub repository has been disconnected from Strapi Cloud.’
i think it means i need to update the deploy base a new reposity url. however, when i click ‘update repository’, a message says ‘Warning:Session expired’ will popup then directly to signin page.
after i re-sign in, the state is still the same.
i have no idea what to do.
can some one give me a hint please, thanks!!!

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I dont remember off the top of my head, but I think Strapi Cloud uses the GitHub’s account id and repository id, so if the project is no longer under the same account that would explain why

About the reconnection, could you try to clear the browser’s cache/on an incognito window?