Problems integrating Elastic search on strapi

System Information
  • Strapi Version: 4
  • Operating System: Ubuntu 22.04
  • Database: pgsql
  • Node Version: 18
  • NPM Version: 9
  • Yarn Version: 1.22

I got the following errors creating de docker container for elastic search by the instruction provided in: How to Set Up and Use Elasticsearch with Strapi
elastic_deployment-kibana-1 | [2023-12-04T18:01:40.729+00:00][ERROR][] License is not available, authentication is not possible.
elastic_deployment-kibana-1 | [2023-12-04T18:01:40.743+00:00][WARN ][plugins.licensing] License information could not be obtained from Elasticsearch due to ConnectionError: getaddrinfo EAI_AGAIN es01 error
elastic_deployment-enterprisesearch-1 | [2023-12-04T18:01:42.761+00:00][7][4004][app-server][WARN]: Failed to connect to Elasticsearch backend. Make sure it is running and healthy.
elastic_deployment-enterprisesearch-1 | [2023-12-04T18:01:42.763+00:00][7][4004][app-server][INFO]: Error: /usr/share/enterprise-search/lib/war/gems/gems/manticore-0.7.1-java/lib/faraday/adapter/manticore.rb:88:in `block in call’: es01: Temporary failure in name resolution (Manticore::ResolutionFailure)