Proxy service to trigger GitHub Actions from Strapi webhooks

Hello. I’m using GitHub Actions to build a static site (Next.js) that consumes data from Strapi. I couldn’t find an easy way to trigger GitHub Actions workflows with the strapi webhooks, so I made a “proxy” service to achieve this. It’s a generic proxy and can work with any GitHub repo. Perhaps others might find it useful.

Here’s the code: GitHub - badsyntax/strapi-webhook-actions-proxy: Strapi webhook proxy to trigger a GitHub repository_dispa

The service is distributed as a docker image. (I’m using & docker swarm to run my docker images.)

Here’s an example configuration in Strapi:

Here’s my portainer stack that uses this proxy:


Thank you, this is a good solution. It sucks that its not implemented within the native webhooks feature. In the docs it literally says that webhooks can be used for CI/CD however can’t be used with github actions.