Publicly available documentation for Buffet.js?

Hi all,

my team needs to work on a v3 plugin before we can continue our v4 migration path.

I’m looking for publicly available storybook and/or other documentation for the Buffet.js library. Buffet.js exports UI components used by the Strapi admin panel. It is substituted in v4 by Strapi Design System.

The repository is here:

It contains a link to, but when I click it I’m being redirected to which is not helpful since we need documentation for v3 and not v4.

Same for → Redirects me to :frowning:

Yes I can start the Buffet.js storybook locally, but I find this a bit cumbersome given I just want to read some documentation.

Does anybody know if there is a public link to Buffet.js documentation, just like there is for Strapi v3 documentation?

There you go:

Thanks a lot! 10 months later I don’t need it anymore (I totally forgot I had posted this question), but I am marking your reply as the solution to make it visible for other users.