Put Strapi-Reactjs online with Netflify

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Hello Everyone ! I hope you are doing well ?

I would like to put online my web app made with strapi/Reactjs. I would to use Netlify which is linked my github repo.
What I’ve done so fard :

  • Created Strapi app with Mongo and linked
  • I have my project folder with the “jcstudio20” (react) and “strapi”.

Do I have to push both of these folders on my GitHub repo and simply deploy it on Netlify?

Because I heard I can deploy with Heroku but I don’t get its role if I can deploy with Netlify ?
I tried to push my strapi folder on Heroku but what is the next step ? How to put it online and see the web app ?

A lot of questions but I’m a self-learner as Frontend dev ^^

Thank you guys

Ok, I think I’m starting to understand a bit better.

So, I guess I deploy separately my front-end part (react) AND my back-end part (Strapi)
React would be deployed on Netlify and Strapi on Heroku…

Now I’m supposed to connect those two…

to be continued

Found it. Backend part deployed on Heroku and simply fetch the data with fetch(“https://myapp.herokuapp.com/service