Query $AND between filter

System Information
  • Strapi Version: 3.6
  • Database: Mongo

Hi, I’m trying to filter my products by location and delivery.
I have products who have fields lat, lng (latitude and longitude) and delivery.
It looks like :

title:'My product',

When a user search products by location I use the lat and lng of the user’s address to compare those values with lat and lng of my products.
I would like to add the delivery filter too, because I want get all products of the user location AND all the products with delivery but not necessarily inside the user location
It should do something like this :

ctx.query = {
        lat_lte: UserGreaterLatitude,
        lat_gte: UserLowerLatitude,
        lng_lte: UserGreaterLongitude,
        lng_gte: UserLowerLongitude,

await strapi.services.product.find(ctx.query)

But it doesn’t works
How can I do this ?

Thanks a lot