Query filter and populate relations

I’m having trouble returning a correct filter, but I believe I’m not doing it correctly.

I’m making a query for the COMPONENT table, this table has correlation with the SUPPORT table.

Need: I need to return the last 2 records where the STATUS of the SUPPORT table is equal to DONE but with the code below it is returning the last 2 records, regardless of whether the status is DONE or another.

Note: both tables have the STATUS column, I need the status DONE in both.

I believe it is something simple for an experienced professional to solve, but I am not able to do so…

const statusQuery = await strapi.db.query('api::component.component').findMany({
	where: {
		$and: [ 
				status: "Done", 
				support: { status: 'Done' }, 
	select: ['name', 'status'],
	limit: [2],
	populate: { support: { select: ['name', 'status'], }, },
	orderBy: [ { updatedAt: 'desc', }, ],

I found the solution…
in fact the filter is working, in reality I was making another filter within SUPPORT, it added one filter after another.

Thank you community and sorry for anything hehehe