Query with filter and populate relations

const categories = await strapi.db.query('api::category.category').findMany(
      populate: ['clipping_libs'],
      where: {
        $and: [
            ['clipping_libs']: { 
              account_id : {$eq: 458847},
              clip_status : {$eq: 'Completed'}
    `  select:  ['id', 'category'],`

as should fields to the select, coming from the populate entity?.
I have tried adding them but it does not bring me the fields that I need to project:

select:  ['id', 'category', 'clipping_libs.name'],

I also need to add a filter that allows me to filter by fields that belong to the populated entity

use entity-service instead of the query engine.
Also you can the do populate: {relation:{ fields: fieldname}}}