Querying types by slug value

System Information
  • Strapi Version 4.14.0:
  • Operating System Win 11:
  • Database SQLite:
  • Node Version 18.16.1:
  • NPM Version 9.5.1:
  • Yarn Version Non:

I’m developing an application using Strapi and next.js. and I’m using next.js app router. All page paths are processed dynamically.

Now let’s get to the real problem. next.js creates a static page for each path. and gives the slug part for each page. I need to take this slug value and get the relevant data from graphql. But I couldn’t find the query value I needed to use. I tried something in the picture below, but it only worked for collection types.

If you have a different idea or solution, please share it with me. Thank you from now