RBAC available in Community Edition for free in Strapi v4.8

Hi everyone!

We’re happy to share that Role-Based Access Control feature is now available in the Community Edition in Strapi v4.8. From now on, you can create an unlimited number of custom roles with granular permissions for free :man_dancing:

We hope that this change will allow you to improve team collaboration and reinforce the security of your content. We also want to thank you for constantly sharing feedback with us and contributing to the product :purple_heart:

Please let us know what you think about it!

*Learn more about the Enterprise plan changes in this blog post.


I upgraded to 4.8.2 on my local machine, but I still get the message " You have reached the limit" when trying to add a new role. Not sure if anything else needs to be updated

Did you build the Admin UI after the update? “yarn build”