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Hi guys, where can I get help if I have a question concerning RBAC?

I’m currently building an ecommerce site with multiple suppliers.
I’m trying to create a “Supplier” role that is allowed to create a PRODUCT content type and
when an authenticated user buys the product on the front-end, an ORDER content type is created.
I need the Supplier to able view ORDERS that where not created by them but the order consists of
a PRODUCT created by them.

I think this requires a custom condition created in config/functions/bootstrap.js

Thanks in advance if you are willing to help!

Hi @Alex_Viapiano

The features you are looking for within the RBAC can only be modified in our Enterprise edition at the moment, if you are wanting to do this in the Community edition it’s not possible. If you want to provide more feedback on this please do so in the following thread:

With the Enteprise subscription, can one allow specific criteria on top of roles?

Is the Enterprise version only cloud based?

Let’s say I have a sales person that should have access to their sales (orders). The buyer should also have access to the same sales (orders).

I don’t want buyers/sellers to have access to other orders, would this be possible?

Many thanks