Receiving/consuming webhooks in Strapi

Hello. I’m trying to integrate Strapi with an existing survey tool (Alchemer/SurveyGizmo).

The survey tool fires a webhook whenever survey responses are received from users.

I want to consume these webhook events within Strapi and create records using the data received from these webhooks.

Can someone please point me to a resource that will help me get started on this?

Thanks so much.


Actually you should create a simple Content type called Surveys, with identical fields as your webhook sends.

After that you can use the POST request route to create surveys in strapi.
Take a look here:

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Hi @sunnyson

Wow. This is a really feasible solution. Thanks so much for your reply.

If I’ve to create/update records in other collections based on the data received at the “surveys” endpoint/collection, how do I go about doing that? Could you point me to a resource?

Thanks again.