Registration and Login (authentication) with Vue.js & Strapi

Authentication is an integral part of application development, as it helps to secure user data and authorization.

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Hi Alex, thank you for the article, it is very useful to me, I am wondering what would be the alternative option for local storage? I mean instead of saving the bookmarks to local storage? MySQL? Is it possible to save it as a post for the user in the database, what would be the relation inside Strapi? I am really curious, thank you!

Hey @ifkas , in the article we do save the bookmarks to the database and how model the bookmarks is stated in the post. We only use the local storage for intermediate storing then we make an API call to the Strapi backend and then update it accordingly.

hii i am getting issue in resetting forgotton password except google chrome, its not working in firefox and other browsers

Really wish this article existed without all the framework fluff.

I’m coming to this article to try and work out user authentication with Strapi and Vue, there is so much noise here related to details about this specific recipe website example that have nothing to do with authentication, and actually cause issues for people with projects that don’t use tailwind for instance.

It’s certainly better than nothing, and I can’t find any other articles on the subject, so im happy this exists. But It could be made so much more useful if it focused on the relevant subject

This is a common pattern I noticed with Strapi documentation.

Another symptom of this is that a lot of blogs that discuss or present Strapi features start with how to set up a new Strapi instance, which takes up several screen pages already. As if they are not aware that Strapi is being used in production already.