Relating Collection Types and Data Structure

Im having an issue which i cant really find an answer to. I will try to break it down to the very basics. i got 2 collections type lets say one is balls and the other one soccer teams. all my strapi users are assosciated with a soccer team and the frontend has to change depending on the team that the user is associated with.
within the balls collection type i can choose whether the ball is made out of leather or plastic.
within the soccer teams collection type i have a relation field to balls.
i got two different elements in the frontend, one displays leather balls, the other plastic balls - thats the same for all of the users ( regardless of what team they belong to)

i now want to make it so that i only display those balls that belong to the team that the current user is assosciated with.

the issue is that cant seem to get all the ball fields that i need to display when querying the team collection types ball relation field

i hope someone understands this borderline dumb explanation of the problem
im new to strapi and solved problems like this in wordpress with ACF and custom post types without problem. please somebody help

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can you show the code example when you are making the query?

well so far i only make an api call to /api/balls
i tried some stuff with populating the fields and stuff but if i go via /api/soccerteam/?populatetherelationfield it returns everything from the soccerteam but if i go down to the relations there are some fields missing which i was expecting to get returned like for example the media field that shows the specific ball. i expected that to be part of the objects in the array of relations.
im not even sure if the approach is correct.
or to explain it on other terms:
every strapi user is part of a team and i want to display stuff to the user depending on the team he is part of. if i could build everyhing from the ground up i would just use components and repeatable fields i guess cuz that is very similar to how it works in wordpress. the issue now is that i have to adjust a running project and i need to redo a bunch of collection types so they can be displayed depending on the team of the logged in user.
so i somehow have to map existing collection types to the team. another thing is that i need to be able to change specific fields of the ball collection type “globally” so lets say i want to update a link thats part of the collection type ball - that should be updated for this type of ball no matter to which of the teams it relates - so i guess it HAS to be a seperate collection type instead of being a component within the team. forgive my babbling i hope u can roughly understand what i am trying to do here. im very new to strapi and lack the proper vocabulary…

its the end of a long workday, im gonna try to explain myself better and in more detail tomorrow, i will also provide the json for the actual collection types and the way im calling the api so it will become more clear. english isn’t my native language, that makes it worse to explain myself properly

maybe its way easier, i just want to query the 2 balls that i put in the relation in my soccer team, with all the fields that belong to the ball like for example its image

Yeah making it a collection will be the better way to go. Since it will make updating easier. If you are missing fields which includes components or relations, you need to tell Strapi to populate them. You can see this article for reference. Demystifying Strapi's Populated & Filtering