Relation to multiple (all) collection types? Simple link element

Hi, Strapi newbie here. I want to build a simple Button/Link component, which i can add to all kind of content elements. I thought i could add a “relation” field from where all the different pages, articles, blog posts, etc. can be referenced. But it looks like i can only select one specifiv collection type, for example “articles”? How can i reference all or multiple collection types? Is there a best practice for such a link component?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks

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Yea, you just do title and href

And put data by hand in there


I was thinking about that too. But when the url from the linked page (or for whatever reason of every page) changes, the link is broken and has to be fixed by hand, right?

But there is no proof solution

What are you doing a link or breadcrumbs

A normal link

Yea then component with title and href

for breadcrumbs you normally do a service like getBreadcrumb()

Hm, kinda disappointing imo. Thought that this would be some basic cms behavior

Well there is many side issues involved

Like data transfer

When they introduce uuids on v5 that would may be possible

Okay. Thanks for your advise :slightly_smiling_face: