Relations reordering beta version is ready 🔗

Hello, dear community members!

We’re happy to share progress on the very awaited feature - relations reordering.

Relations reordering improves relations management for content editors by allowing them to drag and drop relations and keeping the fixed order they need.


It is also possible to drag&drop repeatable components and dynamic zones:

The feature is available in Strapi 4.6.0-beta.0, to test it please run the following command:

npx create-strapi-app@beta my-app

Check out the user guide to try the feature out.

We would love to meet your expectations for this feature. Please let us know what you think about it in this tread :slight_smile:


That’s great UX improvement. Thank you a lot!
But it sorts out only part of the problem of drag & drop relations reordering from the end-user perspective.

The unresolved issue is reordering items of Multiple media type field.
Actually, managing of this field has also some other usability issues, but inability of reordering is most critical.

The common case: if you have an ecommerce site with product content type, you often need to have multiple photos of product from different angles, easy way to add new and order existing.

That’s not only the case of ecommerce or photos. It’s quite common, when you don’t need extra content type (i.e. images, PDFs etc) to implement relation between one content item to many attachment files.

It will be amazing if you be able to solve drag & drop for items of Multiple media type field in current Strapi4.

Hello @rbjs !
Thank you so much for sharing this feedback :slight_smile:
It’s actually possible to reorder media files, here’s a short video that might help. We agree that it’s not very intuitive and obvious, that’s why our team is already working on improving this functionality.

Thank you again! Please feel free to share any other issues or suggestions :blush:

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