Removing components from admin panel

System Information
  • 4.8.2:
  • windows 11:
  • mysql:
  • 16.x:
  • 8.3.x:

Can I remove those components from strapi admin panel such as see more on blogs , and this whole join the community component , the checkbox keep me updated …

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If you wanted to change that you would have to patch package @strapi/admin

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is there any tutorial or similar thing shows me how to do this? @Boegie19

Not to my knolage

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For anyone looking into this.

You go to the file:

You remove the checkbox for news.

You go to the root of your project and you run this command:
npx patch-package @strapi/admin

It will do its thing and create a patch folder with a file inside of it, you never edit this file.

You run your project as normal and the checkbox should be removed. You can use this method to change any of strapis code.

4.15.1 and above Patch Package unfortunately will no longer work for frontend Admin changes because Strapi now uses Vite instead of web pack. And the only way to do the changes now is by forking the project. But should still work for backend changes.

verrryyy interesting, thanks for the heads up. we just upgraded to 4.15.0 and that was quite a thing to do from 4.3.0 so i guess we will stay at 4.15.0 for quite some time.

Will keep you posted with any updates as they come up.