Removing content with unpublished or deleted relations


So I’m building a small webapp with Strapi as a Backend. I’ve introduced a very basic like-system. Users can like articles. At one point I retrieve a list of likes the user has made. I populate this list with the posts that the likes refer to.

const requestUrl = `/post-likes?populate[users_permissions_user][fields][0]=id&populate[post][fields][0]=title&filters[users_permissions_user][id][$eq]=${userId}&sort=createdAt:desc`

Naturally the editors will unpublish or delete articles over time. In this case the API currently returns null for the posts, causing a widget on my frontend to break.

So I would like to filter out posts that are null.

I’ve tried adding a filter to the end of my query &[filters][$notNull]=true
But that caused an error 500.

const requestUrl = /post-likes?populate[users_permissions_user][fields][0]=id&populate[post][fields][0]=title&filters[users_permissions_user][id][$eq]=${userId}&sort=createdAt:desc&[filters][$notNull]=true`

Does anyone have an idea how I could approach this? I am also open to a pure backend solution, like a policy or sth :thinking:

Would love to get some feedback from you guys!

Cheers from Bavaria,

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