Rename of properties leads to content loss; deletion of fields never get removed?

System Information
  • Strapi Version: v3.6.8
  • Operating System: CentOS
  • Database: SQLLite

I now had several very painful experiences where I loose content from the Strapi UI when I do refactoring to models including renaming properties or collections. It has me extremely paranoid about iteratively building a clean domain model that my client can rely on. Am I doing something wrong here? I can tell the data remains in the DB but I would expect renaming a collection not to flush all entities in it. Neither would I expect renaming a simple text field to trigger loss. Can I rename things back easily and should expect the data to repopulate?

Another thing I have noticed is that when refactoring collections and particularly deleting properties that they do not get removed from the database which leads to fatal behavior when those proeprties where e.g. set as unique keys. At that point the collection becomes useless because you cannot create any new entries as the unique field in question is removed from the UI but not the underlying database schema.

Are these things to be expected/known bugs or are they specific to our setup? Will these things be addressed in v4?


Anyone has input on this?

Checking back in and adding a question:

  • How can I rename a field in Strapi without loosing its value?