Rendering error: 'Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'attributes')' in Astro (combined with Strapi)

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I try to import ‘days’ i made in strapi, in Astro. I allready did it with ‘tags’ and with events. I don’t know what is going wrong this time.
Here is an image of the error:

This is the code in Filter.astro:

const { event, day, } = Astro.props;
import SpeakerList from "../components/SpeakerList.astro";

<section class='schedule'>
    <div class='dates'>
      <p>June - 28th</p>
      <p>June - 29th</p>
      <ul class="tag">
        { => (
            <li key={}>{}</li>
    <SpeakerList />


and this is the code in SpeakerList.astro

import fetchApi from "../lib/strapi";
import SpeakerListCard from "../components/speakerListCard.astro";

const events = await fetchApi({
  endpoint: "events", 
  wrappedByKey: "data", 
    populate: ["image", "tags" , "days"]

const tags = await fetchApi({
  endpoint: "tags",
  wrappedByKey: "data",

const days = await fetchApi({
  endpoint: "days",
  wrappedByKey: "data",



    { => (
          <a href={`/events/${}`}>
            <SpeakerListCard event={event} />


And the Json structure is right here:

I tried it with dummy code that allready does work (tags) but the same error occured…