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Hey folks, does anyone have a react module that will render markdown with the same behaviour as the inbuilt preview. AFAICS strapi using markdown_it internally, but I haven’t seen any equivalent in the react ecosysytem.

React Markdown doesn’t work exactly the same - specifically footnotes aren’t rendering for me.

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Hi bro, did you found any solution for this issue?

I am using an additional extension remark-gfm it should fix thing for you.

import Markdown from "react-markdown";
import remarkGfm from "remark-gfm";

interface RichTextProps {
  data: {
    body: string;

export default function RichText({ data }: RichTextProps) {
  return (
    <section className="rich-text py-6 dark:bg-black dark:text-gray-50 ">
      <Markdown children={data.body} remarkPlugins={[remarkGfm]} />

The code snippet is from the Strapi Next JS starter you can find here GitHub - strapi/nextjs-corporate-starter: Strapi Demo application for Corporate Websites using Next.js

Here is the example of a rendered markdown page: Markdown Example Post