Request failed with status code 500', name: 'AxiosError', code: 'ERR_BAD_RESPONSE

Hello Everyone,

I’m getting 2 errors when i make a post request to strapi. Please help me ASAP to fix it. i already wasted 2 3 days to fix this issue.
I will be thankful to you guys.

here is the error :

POST 500

AxiosError {message: ‘Request failed with status code 500’, name: ‘AxiosError’, code: ‘ERR_BAD_RESPONSE’, config: {…}, request: XMLHttpRequest, …}

For more details. please check this link:

Hi. Did you solve your issue? I am getting the same when trying to upload large files to Cloudinary through Strapi.

That error code is server error. Are you able to interact with the api using a client like Postman? If not, start with Strapi itself