Reset button to reset the value in collection types page

Hi Team

In strapi new release “Reset” button is not visible . We have publish button . but we dont have reset button in collection type pages.
How to enable it ?

please advice.


hi team,

In previous strapi version, we were having reset button . user is asking us to enable reset button in collection types page

please help me.


We did remove the button quite a few versions back now. What version are you coming from?

(You can use the back arrow button in the left side of the edit view window now to ignore your changes and go back to the list view)

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we need to show “Reset” button . because “back arrow” is traditional way. because earlier version of strapi was having reset button.

Please advice. thanks!

We removed the reset button as it wasn’t widely as used, for the moment we don’t have suggestions on re-adding it.

I will ping @maeva and @Kevin just to make them aware.

Thanks for your support