resetPassword work like change password and recover password

I am trying to reset my forgotten password and I am not getting an email.
I try to reset in the console with strapi console and says that I cannot run it NOT in a strapi project but I am in that directory.

Hey Samsalgado, Did you setup an email provider with your strapi install? It does not come preconfigured to send email. Check this link out for some more info on the email plugin: Email - Strapi Developer Docs. Do you have a screenshot of the folder where you are trying to run the strapi command? It should have some of these folders in it(config, database, src, public, etc.)

Hello I have setup email provider even when testing email from admin panel they are being send but when hitting forgot-password api response is {ok:true} status 200 but am not getting reset email .
kindly guide how to solve that