Response time for query slower than expected with Strapi. Fast with Nextjs API

Hi Guys,

I have a fairly simple setup to run some api query tests.

Scenario 1: Mongodb with Strapi on the same AWS instance. On my local machine, I use Postman to run a query to the mongodb via Strapi. The response time average is 100ms.

Scenario 2: Same AWS server, same mongodb but instead of using Strapi, I use Nextjs to serve the API. The response time average is 15ms.

I then tested by using both Strapi and Nextjs on my local machine with mongodb remaining on the AWS server and I get basically the same results. (90ms Strapi and 12ms Nextjs).

I know the response from Strapi isn’t really that slow, but I want to understand why there is such a large discrepancy? It seems like Strapi somehow adds some latency to the request.

Did anyone else experience the same result, and is there a way to fix it or bring it more on par with Nextjs?

Many thanks.