Restoring from backup obtained with `strapi export`

Hi there! I’ve been trying to deploy a custom strapi instance on and so far everything worked out smoothly. However, I have a tarball file containing a full export of the strapi instance I have been running on a VPS and I would like to apply the backup to my new instance on Railway. However, since Railway does not allow to gain CLI access to the strapi container, I don’t really know how to apply the backup without being able to run npm run strapi import -- -f export.tar.gz. I could write a custom run command for the container that tries to fetch and apply a backup before running the instance, but that would be a bit cumbersome. Is there any other simpler way you would suggest or, eventually, can you provide some suggestion to develop a plugin that makes this feature accessible from the admin panel (I looked into the documentation but I haven’t found ways to access the strapi import/export feature from a plugin).

Thank you!

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