Restrict rich text blocks

I recently started using the Rich Text (Blocks) editor, so much better than the old one!

I’m using Nuxt and the renderer (GitHub - freb97/nuxt-strapi-blocks-renderer: Nuxt 3 module for rendering text with the new Blocks rich text editor from Strapi CMS) is working like a charm!

The only issue I’m facing for now is on how to limite the available blocks (Text, Heading 1, Heading 2, Image, Quote etc).

For example i’d like to remove Heading 1 and Image block, anyone could point me in the right direction to do so ?


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Hey <@762404428694814792>! This is currently not possible but we already discussed it internally (I even have mockups for it). We didn’t develop it because we thought that it wouldn’t be requested, but it seems we were wrong :smile: Would you like to have a quick chat about it? I’m curious about your use case and how this feature could help you :slightly_smiling_face:

Super interested in it indeed ! With pleasure to chat about it !
I know removing blocks is a must have, adding “custom” ones would be even better too!

Great, I’ll send you a DM in a minute! And I agree about the custom ones, we can also discuss this topic :slightly_smiling_face: