Retrieve & push Github data like posts or products to Strapi

Hi, I am fairly new to Strapi and its greatness.

I want to use Strapi with its UI dashboard that presents user roles for editors that want to write posts.

The setup I have now is with Jekyll and Github Pages. I push to GH, then it builds posts, products and other data to be served to the WWW via a custom domain.

I don’t ‘need’ to pay for storage with making use of these services.

The service I need specifically is user roles with nice GUI for less technical content creators to login to.

How may I push data from a ‘content type’ like a post to Github without paying for disk persistence?

The individual or editor would login with authorization, create a post with ‘content type’, then on creation of that post sync with GH to be auto pushed into Github Pages for delivery to WWW.