Return relationship array instead of all data associated

Trying to add in a sort of auth system. In my case it’s authentication to consume content that will be behind a paywall. In particular this is video content that’s hosted on cloudfront, so the intent will be to use this custom endpoint to create a signed url for the user to play the video back on the frontend.

So maybe this isn’t the correct way to go about this but I’ve created a relationship for the user to reference the content.

My intent was the run a query on the user and then just search the array for the requested ID but I’m getting an object with all of the data populated back. Is there any way to just return an array of IDs instead. Here is a bit of my controller’s code I’m using to grab the user’s data.

    const getAuth = await strapi.db.query('plugin::users-permissions.user').findOne({
      where: { id:},
      populate: { events:true}

It’s probably worth mentioning that I originally had intended to create a second “auth” table and use that reference both the user and the event but that also fell apart for basically the same reason as the above. I guess an alternatives would be the dump the relationships and just create an array in code when adding to or taking away what the user is authorized to do? But that’d take away from the strapi back end viability and usability.

Maybe there is a better way to accomplish this?