Reverse proxy issue

I’m fairly new with strapi but I did manage to get mine up and running on a Windows server 2016 using mysql. When I run it and open the user page it’s all working fine directly testing on the server. I created a subdomain and did a reverse proxy using iis to point to the strapi that’s running on the server. When I try the to access the page remotely, the page appears. I can even login. But when I clicked on the users page, an error appearing saying “an error occurred during models config fetch”

When I try to open the same users page on the server directly, it loads the users list without problems.

Whats should I do to fix the problem when accessing remotely via a domain?

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I am having the same problem! Please help! :frowning:

Did both of you set the url key in your ./config/server.js?

Hi, yeah i did set it and also set the admin url. i also included the proxy :true but still facing the same issue

As I’m not familiar with IIS my only suggestion would be to try and proxy with something like Nginx, HAProxy, or something that has better built in capabilities for proxying specifically.