Rich text editor and linking to pages?

Currently using Strapi v4.12.5 and I am wanting to allow the content team to link to other pages within the site structure, from the rich text editor, but I am not seeing how to go about it (I did search, but possibly I am not using the right terms)?

Ideally there would be a picker for this, but I don’t see that option.

I am not even sure if there is a supported URL format for this either? Would copying the end of the editor URL (starting from API) and specifying api::page.w23-page/1?plugins[i18n][locale]=en be a workable, such that:

[My link](api::page.w23-page/1?plugins[i18n][locale]=en)
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Push, we need this too for a website with 5000+ pages. This most basic CMS feature is missing completely from Strapi? All links break when a page gets deleted or slugs change? Unmaintainable and actually a deal breaker.