Richtext Field Returns <br> Tag When Cleared


I’ve created a component in Strapi that includes two fields: a heading (string) and a description (richtext). Initially, I added content to both fields, and everything worked as expected.

However, I’ve encountered an issue. When I decided that I no longer needed the description and cleared the rich text field, it still returns a
tag instead of an empty string or null.

Steps to Reproduce:
Create a component with a heading (string) and a description (rich text) field.
Add content to both fields.
Later, clear the content of the richtext field.

Expected Behavior: The description field should return an empty string or null when it is cleared.

Actual Behavior: The description field returns a
tag even after being cleared.

Has anyone else faced this issue or can provide a solution to ensure the rich text field returns an empty string when cleared?

Thank you!

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