Right click not working on row in strapi collection (Content-Manager)

version : 4.2.0
I am not able to right click and open the row entry in new tab in content manager. It will be very easy for our team if they can just right click on rows in collection and open them in new tab.
Is there any way to accomplish this ?
Attaching the screenshot (Right clicked on row in collection) -

I think possible if you move your mouse around you can, but it’s more on click to open it.
So I guess you could add a hover effect etc by editing or extending the UI.
By default I don’t think you can do it (unless there is a specific clicking point)

If you look at current behaviour -

  1. Click on the row it will open the page in edit mode on the same page.

How we can customize this behaviour to open it in new tab. Like adding “_blank” attribute in ‘a’ tag.
Can you please provide any documentation link to customize this row behaviour in strapi?