Roles and Permissions Settings

Hi There,

Considering that any company has levels of roles and responsibilities, I came across a situation that I couldn’t find a solution for, so I decided to bring it here to discuss.

Considering 2 types (levels) of roles Author and Editor (Editor is one level above Author) (or even Author level 1 and Author level 2) and an Article Collection Type.

Creating three citations:

Situation 1
I would like the Editors to be able to see all articles created, not only for the same role (Editors) but also articles created by Authors, since the Editor is a level above. And the Authors not being able to see the Editor’s articles.

Situation 2
In addition to the first option, I would also like Authors to be able to see articles created by Editors, but not by other roles above the Editors.

Situation 3
If an Administrator creates an article, I would like to make it only visible to the Editors, but not to the Authors.

Currently, Strapi only offers two options, either you see articles from all other roles, or (in the settings) they can be configured to see articles created by them or by others in the same role, but not from other specific roles or levels.

Currently available


Would there be any possibility of this being done? Or maybe a simple option would be to add all existing roles to the “Conditions” options and make it available for us to choose as we please, for read, create, or update.

Thoughts and suggestions are welcome.