Rolling my own Internationalization

I’m experimenting with the idea of rolling my own locales/internationalization using repeatable components. Has anyone had any luck with such an approach? I’m thinking I can consume this with the GraphQL plugin.

Also, has anyone found a way to write your own method for handling the rendering of these repeatable component’s UI Handles in the admin? I’d love to be able to customize that with locale and title, if possible.

@sam-pires Virtual fields?

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Yep @DMehaffy virtual fields would allow combining fields into new fields. Though it is not in Strapi yet :slight_smile:

Interesting approach @davidangel, let us know how it goes.
For your information, we are currently working on the internationalization feature, which will make it possible to use and manage several locales and to manage several translations of the content, it’s going to be ready in the first quarter next year.

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I tried - back then in may 2020 - a similar approach. The Problem is, that deep filtering is not working with GraphQL. You will retrieve every time all field values for every localization. My decision was to wait for a strapi provided solution, which will be released this month - hopefully… My suggestion is to wait :slight_smile:

We will most likely release a public beta this month, but it’s looking like the actual stable release will be slightly delayed by about a week :slight_smile:

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