Rules for the Job postings

To ensure we have well formatted job requests or offers please ensure you most meets the following requirements.


Job Posts

  • Include Salary Range
  • Start date
  • Is this Remote, Office-only, or Flexible
  • Do not just post a link to some outside offer
  • Clarify if this is Contract or Permanent position (NO recruiting companies)
  • Specify exact job requirements and ensure your requirements are not unobtainable (like 10 years of Strapi experience, which is not possible)
  • Be human, don’t set unrealistic goals for your position

Job Requests

  • Give your expected Salary Range
  • Availability date
  • Specify if you are looking for Contract Work or a Permanent Position
  • Are you willing to travel, move, or are you looking for Remote work
  • Specify your skills, note if you have a degree (don’t name the school here)
  • What exactly are you looking for (doesn’t need to be just about Strapi, are you DevOps/Dev/Back/Front/Whatever)

Please remember to keep things clear, you may post your requests and offers and link to an outside resource for someone to fill out an application but you still need to provide the information here as well.

Strapi also regularly updates our own Job offers, to view those you can find them here.

Please note, once your position has been filled (request or offer) please make a note of that as Moderators will remove them for you. If you have any questions please ping one of the moderators or admins directly (myself included).