Rules for the Questions and Answers section

Within the Questions and Answers Section there are multiple sub-categories, when posting your question please try to select the best sub for your question. If you feel a sub is missing please let me know and we can look into adding it if we have enough questions about the topic.

Questions should include some basic information so we can best help you

  • What OS are you on/deploying on
  • What database are you using (doesn’t apply to frontends)
  • What Strapi version are you using
  • Clearly describe what you need help with
  • If possible provide a link to your project on Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket, ect

And remember, you are getting free help for a free product, no one is entitled to an answer and no one is required to answer your question. We want to help everyone as much as we can, and we are thankful to other community members that can also help answer questions. We want to build a great community and that starts by following the give/take principle of giving back what you receive.

Please also do not forget to properly read our documentation, and read through the Github issues. Most questions about Strapi can be answered with just those two resources.

Please ensure you have read and understand our Code of Conduct