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Hello, how can I start strapi dashboard locally? Is there any option? I want to be sure to make it work locally first because Im working with React. And strapi doesnt gives explained erros when I made misstake in html for example.



Thanks, but any documentation how to start it locally? Commands, or steps would be nice! Tnx! :slight_smile:

There is nothing special to start Strapi locally since this is default. If you want to start Strapi having specific host you need to customize server.js file. See docs.

npm install
npm run develop
then I can go to localhost:1337/admin.

Tnx anyway.

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I get the following. Do we need to do anything speacial to install postgres?

  Loading Strapi[ERROR]  There seems to be an unexpected error, try again with --debug for more 
  │   Error: connect ECONNREFUSED
  │       at TCPConnectWrap.afterConnect [as oncomplete] (node:net:1495:16)