S3 provider is not working

Hi, I am trying to configure aws s3 in my strapi project (4.23.0). Whenever I try, with configuration below it is everytime throws me an error “TypeError: import_smithy_client.Command.classBuilder is not a function”. I have no idea why, I am using strapi project inside turborepo. Do anyone had same problem? Thanks!


export default ({ env }) => ({
  upload: {
    config: {
      provider: 'aws-s3',
      providerOptions: {
        credentials: {
          accessKeyId: env('S3_ACCESS_KEY_ID'),
          secretAccessKey: env('S3_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY'),
        region: env('S3_REGION'),
        params: {
          ACL: env('AWS_ACL', 'public-read'),
          Bucket: env('S3_BUCKET'),
      actionOptions: {
        upload: {},
        uploadStream: {},
        delete: {},

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