Security Warning & v3

Regarding the announcement about the Security Warning and Notice with Strapi v4.5.6 (Release v4.5.6 · strapi/strapi · GitHub) is there any chance to hear about v3?
Will there be a patch-package-Guide to patch a v3 Strapi or is v3 not affected by this security issue?

Cheers, Olaf

v3 is affected by this issue and @dmarkbreiter said in discord about a patch for v3 “Nope when it’s EOL it’s EOL, not even our ee customers get that, we’re trying to get them to migrate:”

Thank you for the information.

How “lucky” that this security issue came up a few days after EOL of strapi v3. :neutral_face:

Might consider delivering a community patch for v3. Because v4 is massively crippled in comparison to v4 regarding its features.

V3 was EOL 31st of December 2022.
It was also announced EOL very early.
Even a blog was made a month before it. have a read here

It was said in June 2022 that it was EOL so I would say it wasn’t just “lucky” tbh. :slight_smile:
Just my two cents on the take.