Seeking Advice on Building a Wiki-Like Application with Strapi and Next.js

I am a developer who is relatively new to Strapi. My goal is to create a platform where users can create, edit, and view content in a structured and organized manner, similar to a wiki/notion page. I am particularly interested in understanding the best practices for setting up the Strapi backend to handle such a use case.

I am open to any suggestions or advice you might have based on your experience.

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some inspiration here GitHub - hubertnare/notion-clone-strapi-backend GitHub - hubertnare/notion-clone-strapi-frontend

<@730043648745537587> Thanks for sharing

I already saw the project from the blogpost Building a Notion Clone with Strapi v4 and Next.js (Part 1 of 2)

But I wasn’t convinced by the approach

<@386252121072336898> - I am in awe of Notions UI and how complicated that must have been to do and how well they did it.

Do you know what your data structures will need to be like to do such a project? Is this a Strapi question or more an engineering question of “how do i structure my data to make the frontend work in this fashion”?

it’s mostly markdown content

I guess both at this point I am still figuiring out how to design and implement the idea

how to data structure should be and how benifit from dynamic zones to achieve this with Strapi

and nextjs

To see Chhow

Check out this video on structuring your data.

and you can checkout thie repo for a completed next js and strapi project GitHub - strapi/nextjs-corporate-starter: Strapi Demo application for Corporate Websites using Next.js